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Gigli’s Room

It is characterized by Florentine lilies set by the ceiling and the tapestry. The lily was the symbol of the noble Roman family the Marquis Niccolini owners of the building in 700. The walls there are ancient prints of women and knights of the Bourbon court.

Colonna Room

It is characterized by the view of the Antonine Column. The color of this room is of blue damask, in the center of the wall there is a fireplace of fine Egyptian marble, on the walls there are prints representing the eighteenth-century Rome.

Pio IX Room

The Hall covered with light damask, is called this because in a shop window the gloves and slippers and other relics of Pope Pius IX are kept. Under the coffered ceiling you can admire a caprice with eighteenth-century frescoes.

Red Room

This room is characterized by a Venetian mosaic floor that matches with the fireplace and the original eighteenth-century ceiling. In the whim below the ceiling we can admire the coat of arms of the Marchesi Ferrajoli and the paintings depicted the estate of the family. Considered the most fascinating room for the harmony of its colors in the various shades of red.
Last Room
The coffered ceiling, the light damask surmounted by a Fregio di Grotteschi, a console of 1770 surmounted by an antique clock.

The mirror gives a sense of perspective back to the six adjoining rooms. Also from this you can admire the Colonna Antonina and Palazzo Chigi.

Corner Room
This room is located at the corner of Piazza Colonna and Via del Corso, surrounded by a balcony. Also this as the red room has a Venetian mosaic floor. The predominant colors of the room are white and antique pink. On the wall you can admire a painting representing Piazza Colonna in the year 1900 in an ancient print of the Piranesi representing the Trajan’s Column. The finely decorated coffered ceiling has been repeatedly photographed for interior design newspapers for its beauty.


From the Last Hall you can easily access the terrace
of about 80 square meters, in the middle of the roofs in the heart of Rome.